About Derek

Derek has been a realtor for almost 2 years. Prior to joining the industry, he has close to 8 years of experience helping major brands and MNCs with their digital marketing and advertising using Big Data and in-depth analysis to attain better results. He is also a certified Google and Facebook marketer.

What sets him apart is not just the ability to analyse, brand and profile potential buyers effectively to maximise selling prices or identify good property purchase but his records of care, professionalism and putting the client’s interest first

More About Derek

The Property Lifestage Approach: An Objective First Approach Beyond Transactional

A property sales or purchase is among the biggest decisions that a typical Singaporean makes. It has far-reaching impact on both individuals and families. A property is also a home, and is the place where memories are created and bonds are built.

Our approach goes beyond the typical transactional conversation of “What do you want to sell/buy”, and to take a comprehensive and holistic approach through our robust framework.

Clients will be able to achieve:

  • A CONSERVATIVE & ACHIEVABLE asset progression plan, allowing you to accumulate wealth earlier
  • An in-depth analysis to allow you to understand your financial position
  • A clear and concise understanding on the Property market through past data and case studies

Once the objective is set and clear, we can look at the execution, namely – the buying, Selling (or renting for some cases).

Click on the boxes below to see how we look at executing them in a robust, effective and stress-free way.

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Success Stories & Case Studies

Case Study: 9 months of hesitation made a 92k difference

Case Study: Buying EC over Ang Mo Kio Resale Translated Into Gains

Client Testimonials

I engaged Derek as my agent to find a new home for me. He has been very attentive to share with me the procedure as well as the finance planning and outlay needed for this purchase. He has also assist me to map out systematically various units to view and would take the extra mile to share with us on how we should plan this purchase based on our life stage with me and my family.

Fanny Oi, Home Buyer

I would like to commend on the great professionalism and service standards provided by Derek. When making recommendations, Derek’s recommendations were spot on to my requirements and he was very objective on the pros and cons of each development. I never felt that he was pushing me to make any decision but he was providing professional advice and guidance in order for me to make a decision based on my preferences.

Norm, Home Buyer