A property sales and purchase is among the biggest decisions that a typical Singaporean makes. It has far-reaching impact on both individuals and families. A property is also a home, and is the place where memories are created and bonds are built.

Our approach is to go beyond the typical transactional conversation of “What do you want to sell/buy”, and to take a comprehensive and holistic approach to ensure that your interests are well-protected through the transaction.

FIRST Framework for Home Buyers

Financial Analysis — Plan around comfortable allocated amounts to prevent over- leveraging in low-interest environments


Investment Opportunities — Identify value in the market based on the 5A’s system to select A-1 grade properties


Risk Management — Find out how risk can be reduced with proper planning and detailed analysis of overarching trends


Strategy (Entry & Exit) — What are the key milestones to look out for before entering and exiting a property investment


Timeframe — Plan around your needs and timelines and tap on predictable market cycles

PROSPER Framework for Home Sellers

Profile — We seek to understand the demography, behavioural and location of the potential buyers/tenant first.


Reach — Get access to our pool of qualified and ready buyers and our network of high-performing agents


Optimised Marketing — Portal posts are no longer enough. We use targeted digital marketing, to deliver a wider reach to the right buyers


Space Enhancement — A well presented listing sells faster. Accessorising, a fresh coat of paint or Home Staging are some methods we use


Power Presentation — Go beyond handphone snapshots with professional photos, video tours and drone shots to highlight USPs


Extensive Analytics –Use realtime market data and trends to pinpoint the right selling price and what to do after exiting