A topic close to many hearts. For many it is a home and space for the family, for some, it is an investment to grow their wealth, an address for possible schools for our kids, or even a legacy that we wish to pass down. While we often heard family, colleagues, friends or even online on how people have sold their property, upgraded, or earned.

Here are some of my client's share:

Indeed, there are several properties or new launch review gurus/sites that give very comprehensive analysis however, they can be ‘product-centric’ and what might be suitable and workable for others might not work for you. A property decision is a huge one that will greatly impact you and your family. My client’s decisions were made through this holistic framework – The Property LIFE Stage Approach.

To ensure competency and the ability to provide a comprehensive and thorough analysis for my clients, I completed a Master in Real Estate from the National University of Singapore (NUS) where I graduated with high distinction.

My learning journey is also featured twice by the Council for Estate Agencies – the governing body for the industry.

Throughout my career I have assisted my clients to 

While there are clients who has made or sitting on six-digit figure profit, what is important is that everyone has their customized solutions and have certainty and clarity about their property decisions.

Any framework, analysis and/or consultation must be built upon foundation of integrity, trust, and professionalism.   

I am ONE of the 5 Estate agents out of over 35,000 to be given a study award by CEA and involved in focus groups to discuss and influence housing policies in Singapore. I have also represented NUS on a study trip in South Korea.

Let me help you and your family make informed and thorough property decisions today.

We will contact you to arrange for a 15-minute chat to have an understanding of some of your plans and thoughts and if we can truly assist you in this journey. This can be done face to face or via Zoom.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

This call will be to listen and understand your plans, current situations, and concerns. It is also for us to get to know each other and see if we are comfortable to take the next step forward in this property journey.

Yes, there is no fee or obligation involved. During this call, we can mutually get to know each other and see if we would like to take the next step forward.

Everyone would love these including myself! There are cases after doing the full analysis, such property can be found. But often if not most of the time, there will be certain trade-offs involved and my role in this case is to highlight them clearly for your decision making.

Yes you can. What we can do is to share various guideposts and recommended boundaries for financial planning. Having said that, I often shared with my clients that the more you can share, the more thorough and holistic the assessment will be.

Our analysis covers various scenarios and situations while highlighting the pros and cons of the options available. From here, you can make an informed decision and executing them.

Yes. As a licensed realtor, I can transact (including buy, sell and rental) any properties in Singapore. I do have an execution framework which I will be happy to share during our call/meetup.