"Hey Derek, do you sell AMO ah?"

 One of my readers asked me the above question.
As a licensed Real Estate agent in Singapore, I can sell ALL new launch projects in Singapore.
So ya…AMO preview will be till 19th July so buzz me if you want to check it out. 😊 😊
“How do you rate AMO vs Lentor Modern ah?”
If you do follow my post, every projects (or every property purchases for that matter) have their pros n cons and a flipside to everything. “Potential” can also be seen as “risk”. There is also the factor of “timing” and pricing etc etc
Remember, it is always the objective of the developer (and rightly so) to manage their risk as well as to maximise their profit.
Pricing wise, well, when I entered the industry about 6 years ago, 1.5k PSF for a near MRT new launch is “Siao ah!” price – but I have also seen these owners selling at around 1.8-2k PSF after 3 years.
Will it 100% recur again? I think the events that happened last few years really shows that it is impossible to say a “yes” or a “no”
BUT the most important thing is about YOU and YOUR FAMILY.
– What are your priorities (not just now but 5-10 years down)
– Understand all the trade-offs of new launches (of cus the opportunities as well)
– Plan and understand your finances and customised a stress test based on your family life stage
– Potential risk management approach/direction
This approach really helped many to make informed decisions about their housing needs of course with some suitable and went for new launches.
Happy to speak 😊 😊
photo: artiste impression of Lentor Modern and AMO Residence