Property Life Stage Planning – The Kus

This married couple has a 5-room HDB in Yishun. They are in the mid-30s and understanding the public housing policies and being savvy in investment, they approached me to seek my opinion on what are the options available next and provide in an in-depth financial analysis along with the stress test on all the options.

YISHUN GREENWALK 2016-2018 - Shinyo Pte Ltd

Understanding their priorities and plans:

  • Would like to have a property asset that can grow
  • Understand they are at a age where they can still maximise their loan tenure
  • Although savvy investor, they are of relatively low risk appetite
  • Husband is keen to explore looking at changing industry and owns a car at the moment

Actions taken:

  • We worked out their Financial based on best- and worst-case scenario (ie. The potential selling price of their 5-room HDB) We have also worked out several stress test should there be any changes in job situation
  • Undertake an interactive approach for the couple to make a joint-decision how they would see their 5 to 10 years plan be like and how the next property will fit into the picture
  • When the objectives are formulated together, we explored on potential projects which fits their requirement and set up the necessary timeline to execute.


  • Bought a 3-bedroom dual key new launch condo. A dual key unit served their objective well as they have the flexibility to rent out the additional space without compromising their privacy while also being able to use the space if they need to in their future life stage.
  • Sold their 5 room HDB within a month at above estimated value (in fact, above their ‘best case scenario pricing) without incurring any additional government tax.
  • Happy to have them sharing their experience working with me.