Property Life Stage Planning – The Tangs

Their situation.

  • They are first time buyers who are looking to get married in 2022.
  • They plan to stay at this place for up to 8 to 10 years
  • Plan to only have at most 1 kid and would like to have space catering for that
  • Initially thought that they are only able to buy resale HDB due to restrictions
  • Hope to be able to have a place that will not lose value if possible. They are concern about the rising resale HDB price

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Their financing.

  • The gentleman is working in the ad-tech industry – he has huge job satisfaction and being one of the pioneers in this industry, he is highly sort after by various organisations. His income forms the bulk of the household income
  • After working their sums and the corresponding cash top-up needed, they are confident that it is comfortable for them taking into account potential upcoming expenses like wedding, getting a household car, babies while adequate savings/insurance are in place in case of any loss of income.
  • As a parent myself, I recommended that they should stay relatively near one of their parents for secondary caregiving support.
  • They were able to buy a new launch 3-bedder Executive condo in the North-East that fits their budget and timeline
  • Happy to receive a review from them and look forward to visit them when their place TOP in 2022.