PROSPER selling framework - Bedok Central

Was task to sell a 4-room HDB unit at Bedok Central – it is at level 3 and facing the MRT track and the main road.
Extensive Analysis – Here is what I found out.​
  • Youngest clusters in Bedok – 9 years old at time of marketing
  • Prime location. 5 min walk to Bedok MRT
  • There are 3 other 4-room units for sale at the time of marketing – 2 are high floor and pricing above 700k while one is on the 8th floor which is priced slightly below 700k
Profile – I profiled the potential buyer(s) for this unit accordingly.
  • Has been staying around Bedok region.
  • Very particular about being near amenities and yet do not want an old HDB flat
  • Have budget above 600k but likely below 700k – likely working professionals between 28-45
  • Checked and ensure that all citizenship and ethnic groups are eligible to buy
  • Alright to explore lower floor units – likely currently staying 8th floor and below.
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  • The unit is listed across all major property portals 
Space Enhancement
  • Seller’s home is in good conditions. Some items were kept in storeroom and kept neat during viewing. 
Optimised Marketing
  • As this is the youngest cluster and the only unit asking below 700k, we are confident that we will have a lot of interest to view the unit
  • We arranged viewings back to back in specific timing yet giving enough time to engage with the viewers
  • Sellers were out of the house to facilitate open discussion for the viewers.
  • We also allow buyers to open the window to hear for themselves the road/MRT track noise.
Power Presentation
  • To prepare for the objections, I went up to check various levels (especially those with units marketing) to gauge their noise and dust and sunlight level. As there is no tree to buffer (for noise and private) and the noise barrier on the MRT deflect the noise upwards, the noise, dust and glaring sunlight is actually much higher on the level above
  • We highlighted on the ‘warmth’ feeling and it is a good family as well as the good condition of the house
  • We curated the viewing where the last segment is for them to hear the noise themselves. After which, I suggested for them to take the lift up to the higher floor to compare. My parting statement was “would you think it is a better value to have the same facing/layout yet looking at 50k lesser in price, lesser noise, dust while having more privacy?”
Result – 12 group of viewers came during Open House and unit is sold above asking price with half of the viewers offering

Happy to receive a kind testimony from the family. =)