PROSPER selling framework - Eight Riversuites

Was task to sell a 2-bedder high-floor condo at city fringe. The unit was previously marketed by another agent.
Extensive Analysis – Here is what I found out.​
  • The seller has an above-market target price as he plans to move to the bigger and closer unit to his family; The target price is matched by major banks.
  • There are 8 other 2-room units at similar size for sale at the time of marketing – 2 are low-floor, 3 mid-floor; of the 4 high-floor units marketing at that point of time, 2 have diagonal west sun into the living, while ours has the best interior condition overall.
  • Our unit is almost at the centre of the condo – minimal road noise while aesthetically more pleasing to some
  • Our unit also only have 5 other neighbours while the rest (similar size) have 7 due to the sky garden and we are located away from the chute area.
  • The other 2-bedder layouts (bigger in size) are asking at much higher price while having a louder road noise as it is next to the road. 
  • Buyers will likely also compared with condo around the same age at Potong Pasir area
Profile – I profiled the potential buyer(s) for this unit accordingly.
  • Life style young couples/single who wants to be near central area.
  • Likely also comparing condo around Potong Pasir
  • Own-stay buyers who looks at emotional connection with the unit
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  • The unit is listed across all major property portals 
  • We also did a walkthrough video which was posted on Facebook and YouTube network.
Space Enhancement
  • Seller’s home is in good conditions. We advised the seller to store away certain items during viewings. 
Optimised Marketing
  • While the owners took some photos, we decided to retake some of them with a wider angle to make the space looks bigger. 
  • We also waited for good weather/sunlight condition to capture a good skyline of the view from the unit as while as getting in natural light into the unit.
  • All photos were enhanced yet appearing natural. 
  • We also took a proactive approach to highlight seller’s expectation as well as a few key selling points of the unit for every enquires we received. 
  • You can see the listing here.
Power Presentation
  • Seller agreed to be out of the house to facilitate viewing
  • As the interior design is more of Santorini/pastel-colour themed, we chose the associated instrumental play list from spotify; we also use a scent to enhance the resort-like feel in the house.
  • Presentation starts from the lift landing where we highlighted that the unit is away from the chute, the facing of the unit and that there are only 6 units on this floor while being able to utilise the sky garden as an additional chill/relax place with a different view. 
  • We also highlighted the various ways and options to utilise the space and balcony and provided some estimated costing for them
  • We tried to arrange back to back viewing while ensuring that we have time to not just present, but to engage the viewers. 
Result – The unit was sold at the targeted price set by the seller.

Happy to receive a kind testimony from the seller.